How To Fix Duplicate Title Tags And Meta Description Tags In WordPress

When you are growing your website and writing a few 100 articles there’s a chance to get the error of duplicate title tags and meta description tags in maybe in your WordPress dashboard or anywhere else. Perhaps you have written an article on the same topic again or something else. But, it does not matter how this occurred, this problem is super severe for an on-growing website.

Most of the time, bloggers and website owners avoid this error but this can cause a massive breakdown in the traffic and ranking of your website.

How? I will discuss this in this article. Not only how duplicate titles and meta descriptions can affect your website but also how to fix these problems in WordPress in a step-by-step process. So, keep reading.

What Are Duplicate Title Tags?

Duplicate title tags occur when you use the same title more than one time on your website. A Page title tag is the tag that we use to describe our whole page content in a single sentence. Search engines like google use it to make the sense of the whole page. Title tags are the most important on-page SEO factor that carries the most weight for SEO.

This may occur when you have published hundreds of articles on your website and did not list all of those things. Now, if you have written the articles again then there might be a chance of duplicating title tags. Also, sometimes misclicking one of your posts can cause duplicate content, title tags, and meta description tags.

You might be thinking why duplicate title tags hurt our SEO. See the below section:

Are Duplicate Title Tags Bad For SEO?

Yes, duplicate title tags are explicitly bad for SEO or search engine optimization. Let’s know the reason why they are so. Google wants to crawl each and every page of your website. And it wants to rank your website accordingly depending on the keyword difficulty of your targeted keyword and the overall content quality.

But those are different things, we are talking about title tags. If multiple pages of your website is having the same title tag then google will be confused that which page is the original and should be ranked. Because Google wants to give its users the best ever experience it will ignore both of your pages and sometimes the algorithm will mark it as spam. And this can harm your total website.

What Are Meta Description Tags?

Duplicate Meta description tags are also the same. I mean when you use the same meta description tag on multiple pages of your website then it’s called duplicate meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are the text that shows the gist of the content or tells what’s in the content. If it’s a duplicate then google can’t understand what’s on that page or anything else. 

And it will mark it as spam and derank the duplicated pages. Let’s say you have a page that is ranking and just created another one that is not ranking. Google might derank both pages or rank the duplicated ones or consider this as spam.

How To Identify And Remove Duplicate Title Tags In WordPress?

Now, let’s know how you can easily identify duplicate title tags in wordpress.

Using Wordpress Plugins

Using some SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and so on can help you find these duplicate title and meta description tags in minutes. Not only Yoast rank math can also do this perfectly.

But, I personally like Yoast SEO plugins for wordpress.

Using Some Powerful Audit Tools

This can be another way to find these things out if you are not using wordpress. If you use wordpress then this will also work. But if you don’t use wordpress and use something like blogger then this will really help you.

Some SEO audit tools include SEMRush, and Screaming Frog which are especially good and others are on priority.

Now, that you have understood which pages are affected it should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to edit and replace all the duplicate meta tags and title tags with a unique ones.


Duplicacy is always hated. Whether it’s for an online website or an official blog, duplicate title tags and meta description tags can explicitly harm your overall website growth and make it tough for you to rank on different keywords.

In this article, I have told you how you can find duplicate title tags and meta description tags as well and make them unique. If needed you might need to delete any of your posts but it should not. Thanks for reading.