How To Add Title Tags In WordPress: A Complete Guide

Adding your title tag in wordpress is not that tough. But the title tag you are entering should be comprehensive and can gather a few clicks when shown in SERPs. However, title tags are the first storyteller of the content a page contains. Google sees it as one of the most important on-page elements when crawling a page.

Including your target keywords, may be just one, in your title tag can result in a higher or improved ranking. Today, in this article, I will be telling how to add title tags in wordpress, how to write attractive titles that get clicks naturally, not clickbait. So, keep reading.

What Title Tags Are

Title tags are a kind of meta tags that tells google that what is the title of the page. Titles describe the whole page content in a single line or in a few words. As I said before, google takes it seriously. So, you also need to be serious.

You have to write them so that your pages can actually rank and not only this, can get some initial clicks. Because, after all, we are working hard for clicks not only ranking.

How To Add Title Tags In Wordpress

Adding title tags in wordpress pages is super easy. Here are the steps through following which you can easily add the title tags in wordpress:

  • Open an existing post or a new post
  • Write up a new title
  • Paste it down in the title field.
  • And now publish your article.

Now, it’s a 4-step process of adding title tags in wordpress.

But, how to do that exactly? I am gonna show you in this article. How to write them properly and how to keyword-optimize them as well.

How To Write Title Tags

Writing creative title tags are too much crucial. Because this single step will determine whether your page will rank and perform well or not. If your page does not perform well, you can’t make money. So, you should pay more attention on writing quality and powerful title tags.

Here’s How:

  1. 1. Use your target keyword at first: Let’s say your target keyword is “How to cook chicken”. Then you have to try to use it first. Just like this: “How to cook chicken: A New And Delicious Way”

  2. In this way, the searchers get a view that if they click on the link what they will see exactly and on the other hand google understands what your target keyword is. And this particular format is quite easy to use rather than writing a whole new post title with tons of different words and everything else. I will be telling about how to optimize title with keywords in the next few section in detail.

  3. 2. Understand the purpose: When you are writing your title then you have to understand the purpose. I mean why people are searching for the keyword. Let’s say they are searching for “What are the symptoms of COVID-19” then you can’t add this title: “Symptoms of COVID-19: A Mindblowing And Definitive List”. People will just leave you.
  4. In that case, the title might be: “Symptoms Of COVID-19: What WHO Says?” Because when people are searching for this topic then you can’t write a funny and creative title. You also have to be serious about it. That’s it.

If you can understand these two parameters when writing your title then you are going to win any position in the top 10.

How To Optimize Title Tags With Keywords

When you are going to optimize the titles with keywords you can do this at any possible cost. But, in my whole SEO journey I have made a comprehensive list of 2 different methods which are obviously easy, and those help me to rank easily on Google.

Check them out below:

Using Keyword Before Title

This is the easiest method as I said before. You just have to place your keyword at the first of your title and then you have to write the left part understanding the tone and everything else. Remember, when it comes to creativity, the more practice you do, the better you will get on it.

Using Keyword In The Context

This is a bit harder than the previous one. Here, you can’t place keywords at the first of your title, may be you don’t want or for contextual reasons.

On that case, you have to set the keywords up in the context ideally.

For example, let’s pick a keyword “Content is easy?”. You can’t place it at first. On that case, the title might be “Is writing content easy? An honest answer”.


However, adding title tags in wordpress is super easy, but it’s not that a small fact. You have to be serious when wriitng your title tags. Because these are the main gameplayer.

You have written a mind-blowing content. But it’s behind the title. Google will not show that your content is mind-blowing. Your title should reflect your overall content quality and information spread in the context.

So, at the end, you can use some tools or wordpress seo plugins like CoSchedule’s headline analyzer, grammarly, yoast SEO, rank math to optimize your title with keywords and make it clickbait naturally. All you have to do is to install and active the plugins on your wordpress sites. These will work in the wordpress editor.

Thanks for reading.