How many keywords per page for SEO: A Complete Guide

how many keywords per page

Everyone thinks that if I use too many keywords on a single page then it will rank on all of them and I will get a lot of traffic. But, that is completely fake. Targeting or using thousands of keywords on a single page will not benefit you by giving you traffic or anything else. In fact, this can ultimately damage your website because this is simply called Keyword stuffing in SEO language which is hated by search engines like Google.

If you know a little bit about the digital marketing industry then you might know what keyword stuffing is. If you don't know about keyword stuffing then let me tell you in just one sentence: It's all about over-optimizing the keywords.

Now, how you can understand how many keywords to use for SEO should you focus on for your website? Well, there are several factors to consider before choosing how many keywords should you target.

Understand Your Content-Length

First of all, you need to check your content length. Let’s say you have a product page on your website. Then how much content can it contain, 100 words or 200 words max? Right? Then if you use more than 2 keywords then the keyword density will be so high that it will be considered keyword stuffing.

Again, let’s say, you are writing a 1000 words article then if you include 4 to 5 primary keywords in it then it would be okay. Also, some other secondary keywords can also be used in this case.

The main problem is that if you include many keywords in a short content then it can be called keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is all about including too many keywords in short content. The fact makes it so important to check out that Google measures the keyword density of each of the words and if algorithms find that a keyword is used too much then Google will think that you are forcing Google to rank your website and google will simply penalize your website.

This is bad. You can use online tools like SEOreviewtools to check out the keyword density of your web page. An ideal keyword density is in about 2 to 3 % or 2 to 3 times per 100 words. 

Always remember that. But, you also have to understand your goal, which leads to the next point.

Understand Your Goals

As I have said before, you also have to understand your goals. For example, You are writing informative blogs that want only readers. But, if you have an eCommerce site and have some products listed, then you just wanna sales.

Now, how your goal relates to the number of keywords? Well, if you are writing a blog then you are teaching the reader about a particular topic. And, Google has never said that doesn’t include information and optimize it to rank for hundreds of thousands of keywords. So, you can include keywords as many as you want to maintain the READABILITY OF YOUR CONTENT AND THE KEYWORD DENSITY.

The more content you can write the more keywords you can include. Let’s make it more clear. You have an article about “How to do SEO”, and there you have told about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO and some more facts. In this case, you can easily include the keywords in your content and the number can 2 or 3 or 10, whatever.

But if you are selling a product or service then first of all you need to understand that it’s short-form content. The product name is Trousers, then here, you can only include just 1 keyword “trousers” but always remember to use the keyword after checking its search volume and keyword difficulty.

Whether you are writing a blog or a product or service description the searched terms should have a high search volume. If it is, then you are going to get the ultimate benefit of SEO, Traffic. You should use the long tail keywords in your content.

But, what are long-tail keywords, and how to find them, I got you covered in this article on Keyword research.

Now, let's know the answer to a common question. I have talked about product pages, blog articles, and service pages, but what about Home Page?

How many keywords should you use on your Home Page?

This question can be tricky but if you have read the factors I have previously said, then you can easily know what's the ultimate keyword number.

Let's say, the home page contains a lot of content, that can be anything, from Sales pages to Blogs. If your content length is enough then you can include as many keywords according to your needs and goals.

Also, if you have a home page that is focused on designs and does not contain much content then you have to include just 1 keyword that has a high search volume.

Pro Tip: Include your Keywords In The Title Tag

It's really a proven tip, always include the keywords in the title tag and meta descriptions because these are one of the most important on-page elements that carry the most weight for SEO and if you can include them in your content then surely, they will rank.

I have discussed it completely in a blog post. You can read about which on-page element carries the most for SEO here.

So, Today, I have discussed everything about how many keywords per page for SEO and some other related topics that would supplement your SEO knowledge and help you to rank your website easily.

SEO is not the thing that you will do it once and then forget for a long time and then again, think about that. SEO is a consistent process that you have to do regularly. Otherwise, you will not get success, however. I hope, this article has definitely helped you Thanks for reading!