Forum Backlinks: Everything You Need To Know

Forum backlinks are a great way to get targeted website traffic and increase your brand awareness and search engine ranking. But before building these types of links, you have to know and consider some facts because, like all types of backlinks, this also has advantages and disadvantages.

As you know, In this article, I will be talking about Forum Link building from A to Z. I will be talking about what Forum backlinks are and how to build them, and one of the most critical questions is, Are Forum backlinks good? I will cover everything. So, keep reading.

forum backlinks

What are Forum Backlinks?

Before understanding what Forum backlinks are, let's clarify what forums are. In one sentence, Forums are a platform where something specific is discussed. For example, A forum where the discussion is all about Search Engine Optimization is called an SEO forum.

A backlink from these discussion websites or forum sites is called forum backlinks. But the forums must be relevant. You can't use Technology forums for backlinks if your site is related to a health niche.

You have to find health forums to build backlinks. Don't worry. I will also tell you how to find them.

Building these forum backlinks is not so complicated. I will be talking about them in the following few sections. But, First, Let's clear the confusion which is

Are Forum Backlinks Good?

Answering this question can be difficult. Forum backlinks are suitable for driving targeted traffic to your website, which means more sales and conversions. But, confusion creates at this point: 

Google's John Mueller again said that dropping links in forums for SEO purposes won't help you rank better in Google - Search Engine Roundtable

Regardless of his words, if we think deeper, we can understand that there are some reasons for that. The first is that the backlinks from forums are usually rel nofollow tagged. This means the link will not pass any link juice to your website, which will not affect your SEO.

And the second one is that after the revolution of blogs, many scammers usually visit blogs and websites, drop backlinks and rank their spammy websites on Google. And Google, on the other hand, disavows the links for their website to keep the web clean.

But, Regarding the first reason, If a website has all do follow links, then it can be manipulated by google's algorithm for ranking your website. And being a black hat technique, This can be a dead end for your website resulting in a manual penalization by Google. That's why Nofollow links are also important. 

According to most SEOs, A website should have a balanced equation of Dofollow and Nofollow links for safety and permanent ranking.

In this case, these links are not only nofollow but also contextual. And contextual Nofollow links are pretty standard on the internet. If you post a link on Facebook, it will be a Contextual nofollow link. That's why it's completely safe.

Regarding the second reason, Forums are not the exception to scamming. But, thousands of forums on the internet regularly check up for scammers, and nowadays, the forums have their own scam detection system. 

Also, the forum owners take care of these forums to make them user-friendly and SEO-friendly. 

Finally, Do Forum Backlinks Work?

In one word: Yes. 

Regardless of these points, the short answer to the question "Are Forum Backlinks Good For SEO" is yes. But, you have to be careful building these backlinks because if you don't follow the guidelines of the forums, you will also be considered a spammer and be kicked out of the Forum. I will teach you how to build forum backlinks that are stable and permanent in the next section.

How To Get Forum Backlinks?

There are some steps through which you can build forum backlinks for your website. And the best part is that I tried all these things and got good results on some other websites. 

Step 1: Find the Perfect Forum

In the first step, you have to find a perfect forum. An ideal Forum means the Forum that is relevant to your niche and the Forum that has the audience that you target. Let's say my target audience is small business owners and New SEOs so I would choose a forum with the same audience. You can easily understand the audience if you research the Forum a bit.

To find a forum, you can go to and type your industry in the search bar. Then the website will give you a list of discussions related to your industry. In my case, I would type SEO in the search bar at the right corner of the interface.

Step 2: Create an Account

Next, you have to create an account on the Forum. You have to enter your email and password, and there you go. You have just created an account on the site.

You have to create an account to post content to the site. This directly leads to the next point.

Step 3: Post Content

Next, after you have created an account on the site, You have to post and contribute something to the site. First off, find a post idea. And then write a good quality forum post. Include everything you know, and there you go.

A good rule is not to include backlinks in your first posts. First, let the administrators know that you are a credible person, and then you can have a link to your site. Remember to include the links inside the content, not just for promoting your website.

If you are linking back to your website in the way of promotion, then people will not come to your site or, in one word: ZERO BENEFITS. Always call the reader to know more information about the topic you were writing on your website. 


Today, I have discussed A to Z about Forum backlinks in this article. I have covered what Forum backlinks are, how you build them, and one of the most important ones, Are they perfect for SEO, or Do they work for SEO? 

I hope you enjoyed and consumed the information told in this article. Thanks for reading.