Which on page element carries the most weight for SEO?

which on page element carries the most weight for seo

This is one of the most regular questions that every new SEO expert and business owner that are trying to learn search engine optimization asks. But most of the websites don't give the perfect answers. On-page SEO is one of the important aspects of SEO. Not this only there are many sub-aspects also in On-page SEO. That's why if you rank your web pages on the top of Google you need to optimize the On-page SEO with your keywords.

Now in this article, we will know which on page element carries the most weight for SEO and all the other details. So, continue reading if you really want to learn about this.

Which is the on-page element?

The title tag and the meta description tag is the on page element that carries the most weight for SEO. It is the most crucial component of On-page SEO and optimizing it properly can lead to a big increment in your search engine ranking. If you don't give importance to this aspect then you can't rank on google and for something you were ranking, it will harm your search rankings.

Why title tag is important?

When search engine crawlers crawl your site and show it in Search engine result pages, SERPs in short will show up the page title in the H1 tag. SERPs is the page where the search results are shown up in the search engine result pages. On the other hand, if you are doing any type of link-building activities like you are submitting social bookmarks, and others they will use your title tag as your anchor text of that backlink.

Moreover, let's say that a user has shared your blog article or site link on social media. Then nothing will be optimized for SEO. Then the social media sites will find your title tag and show up that. This means you must have to optimize your title tag with the most important search terms or with your researched keywords so that it can be easy for you to increase your ranking on google.

Moreover when someone visits your blog web browsers such as google chrome and others will show up with the title tag first of all to give their users a normal idea about the web page they are visiting. So, the title tag is not just for SEO it is also good for user experience. Keep these things in mind.

Why Meta description tag is important?

A meta description is so important because when a web page is shown up in the SERPs then the meta description shows up under the title tag. That's why you need to optimize it perfectly with your targeted keyword so that it can be easy for you to rank on google. Because it is one of the best places in which you can place your targeted keywords. If you don't place your targeted keywords then only optimizing the title tag will be useless with the meta description tag.

Except for search engines, let's say you are building social bookmarking backlinks, then your meta description will be used as the description of your link or web page in the social bookmark. Moreover, if any user posts your blog post or something else on any social media, especially Facebook, your meta description will show up under the title tag. That's why you should optimize both the title and meta description tag. Because meta description is the fulfillment of the title tag in the fact of SEO.

So, you need to consider both of these if you really want to rank on google. But now only these two on-page elements are not the only ones to optimize for. There are so many options that you can optimize for. Let's talk about those on-page elements that can also take affect your search engine rankings.

Other On Page Elements

As we told before that there are so many on-page elements out there and if you can optimize them one by one perfectly then nothing can be better than that. Now I will talk about those.

URL Optimization

When you publish any blog post, a page, or anything else you can always see an URL. Like yourdomain.com/top-10-things-about-SEO. And I think this is one of the perfect places where setting your keyword can be both effective and also powerful.

As you can see in the above example after your domain name there is a keyword set in the URL. When a search engine crawler comes to your site, first of all, it will crawl your site URL and if you can your keywords in this area then there would be a great chance to get ranked very fast.

Image Optimization

You should also optimize the images of your blog post or web page with your keywords so that it can rank at the top of image search results on Google. When going to google images and searching for a keyword then google shows up relevant images.

But you would be wondering how does Google do this? Google crawler can't understand the content in the image. But it can understand what the image is about by reading the alt. text, image description, and caption.

If you optimize the images with alternative text, image description, image title, and image captions perfectly and do backlink activities like Image submission then your image will rank on google. And when one element of a page ranks then the whole page can rank easily because google has trusted that. Now, let's move to the next point.

Some tips for doing On-page SEO

Now, I have given all the essential information in this article. But, I have been working as a digital marketing professional for more than 4 years and which is why I have a lot of experience in the field of SEO. Now, I am gonna give you some tips to do On-page SEO perfectly and professionally.

Optimize the keyword density

You should optimize the keyword density for optimal results. Keyword density is the percentage of a keyword appearance in every 1000 words. This is one of the most important facts of On-page SEO and you should take care of it. Because it helps google understand what your targeted keyword is.

You can't calculate these things normally. You must use keyword density checker tools to get the exact results. There are so many free tools that can help you calculate your keyword density.

Do keyword research perfectly

You also have to do keyword research properly before doing any type of SEO even writing an article. Because if you choose a keyword that is highly competitive to rank then you can't rank on that easily. You can use SEMrush and other tools to do keyword research properly.

The ultimate target to do keyword research is to find low competitive but high search volume keywords. You can target high competitive keywords, there's no problem but only when you are experienced and also your site is enough old.

So, after reading this whole article I think that you have gotten your desired answer to your question "which on page element carries the most weight for SEO" and also I have given some tips and other effective on page elements. Also if you want to know about the top 10 backlink methods that I use to rank my clients' websites then I have written a complete article. Kindly check out that. Also if you want to how to do SEO by yourself then also kindly check out that on my website. I have also written a complete article on this topic. I think you have enjoyed this article and have learned many things from this article. Follow The Digital Lenz for more informative articles like this one. Thanks for reading.