SEO for Personal Trainers: Everything you need to know

SEO is a highly complex subject and can not be understood in just one day. In fact, for those who provide SEO services, I am guaranteeing you that they don't know about SEO. Because SEO is not just a word. Google has more than 200 ranking factors while working on just 4 to 5 factors.

All the things seem to be so difficult right? Especially when you are a personal trainer and looking to optimize and rank your website or web pages on google to get more personal training clients. Well, Don't worry, thinking about this matter today I am going to share with you everything you need to know to do SEO for personal trainers. So read this article if you want to know about a step-by-step guide about doing SEO for Personal trainers.

SEO for Personal Trainers
SEO for Personal Trainers

Step 1: Keyword research

First of all, before doing any Search engine optimization you have to do keyword research. Keyword research is like the door to the SEO world. If you don't do Keyword research then forget about ranking even if you can't see your webpage on the 20th page of Google SERPs. So, you have to do keyword research.

You have to find low competitive but high search traffic keywords. That is called keyword research. But this is not so simple.

When reading it may seem very simple but when you are going to implement keyword research then you will find so many confusions like Which keyword difficulty percentage is called as low, how much minimum search traffic should a keyword have? or more like this.

Let's talk about these.

A keyword difficulty will be considered as low competitive when the keyword has a maximum keyword difficulty of 30. If you have chosen a keyword that is having a keyword difficulty of more than 30 then it will not be impossible to rank but if you are a beginner then it is not recommended to choose medium or high difficulty keywords.

But you need some tools to do keyword research. You may have seen some tools' names like SEMrush, ahrefs, google keyword planner, and some other tools.

According to me Google keyword planner and SEMrush are the best ones. Because these tools have a huge database. That's why researching keywords with this tool becomes easy.

Step 2: Create content

After researching the keywords you need to write blog posts on that keyword. And remember, your main target should be helping people. When people search on Google, they only look for information. You should write longer blog posts that contain lots of information and hook the readers.

But you need to consider optimizing the content for SEO. That's why you need to write longer blog posts on your website. Remember google crawls your article but doesn't understand what's in it or whether it contains any powerful information. Google understands it through audience retention and your content length.

Now you may ask that I am telling you to write articles that are long. But how long? The answer is that the article should be longer that the articles of your competitors. You have to open each of your competitors' articles that are ranking on the first page of google and then count the total content length.

And now it comes to audience retention. Now, it totally depends on the audience. We can not do anything about it. But you should include quality information and your writing skill also plays an important role here.

But we know that you are a personal trainer, not a professional content writer right? Well, we provide quality content writing services and the type of optimized content that actually ranks on your target keywords.

But if you want to write it on your own then there's no problem. After writing some articles you will get an idea of how you should write articles. Moreover, read your competitors' articles and see how they are writing. And don't forget to use some images that define your article.

This is the secret tip that I don't tell others. I optimize my clients' websites through this technique.

Step 3: Optimize the alt. text of images

Now you have written a complete article and also included your images. But now there's a big chance to optimize the images for ranking on google images.

As an example, if you go to and search "which on page element carries the most weight for SEO" then you can see there's an image combination of yellow and black ranking on the first row. That is ours.

It is ranking because we have optimized the image title and alt. text. Google can not know what an image is about without reading its title, description, and alt. text.

So, you need to add your target keywords to the section title and description. WordPress is very easy but on blogger, it is a little bit complicated. You can do it very easily after watching a 1-minute video on youtube. That's not a matter at all.

Step 4: Use keywords everywhere.

Now you have to use the keywords everywhere in your article, including images. I have told you how you can optimize the images now I am going to tell you about others. You have to put your keywords on the title tag, meta description, and URL. You have to also put the keywords in the anchor text of your backlinks.

Backlinks are a different part. We will talk about this thing in the next section.

Among these things, you should put the keywords mostly and very ideally on meta description and title. Because these are one of the most important On-page SEO element that carries the most weight for SEO. Remember don't make the title only for SEO.

The title should be descriptive and should represent your great content at a glance. Depending on what's your title, a reader will decide whether he will visit your website or not. So, take care of it.

Step 5: Build backlinks

After doing everything you have to build backlinks. Backlinks are like getting votes from other websites. If you don't get votes then probably you can't rank. Backlinks are the most complicated thing.

Just know that if you post your site link on social media like Facebook LinkedIn then that will be a backlink.

Now I am going to show you a list of quality backlink types that are powerful and easy to build.

Social share

To build social sharing backlinks you have to share your blog posts or website link on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and so on. These are not so effective for SEO as everyone tells, but I am saying that these are still effective and also very powerful if you want to drive traffic to your website and get potential clients from social media

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an easy way to create backlinks. You just have to submit your website to social bookmarking websites and the website owners will review and approve it. In this way, you will get a quality backlink.

Blog commenting

This is also a good type of backlink. All you have to do is just visit blogs and comment on their posts to get instant backlinks. You can find quality blog commenting sites on google. Not only this list of social bookmarking sites are also available on google.

Some tips for SEO

Now I am going to share some of my personal tips by following which you can easily rank your website.

Use Google search console

Most business owners face a problem when they open or create a new website. That is an indexing problem. Google don't index your website or index it after month and months or even sometimes years. You might also have faced this problem.

To avoid this problem you need to use google search console - a tool designed to help webmasters. This tool submits a site for indexing or checks whether it is indexed or whether it has any problem. This is very useful as this also shows all your rankings and the clicks you are getting from search engines.

Use Google Analytics

This is a tool that helps you to define your website traffic, audience retention, and other things. No SEO tool can show the actual traffic to your website. You can only see it on Google analytics.

Just you have to verify your ownership of your website and connect your google analytics. That set! Google Analytics will start working.

SEO is so complicated as I think that you have already understood it.

But if you can do it properly then this can be one of the powerful marketing strategies that will give you potential clients for your personal training businesses. Because see in the fitness industry everything is dependent on trust. And the articles do nothing for you but it does so much. It builds trust for you.

Ultimately it all depends on your skills. If your writing skill is not good then nothing can be done also if you can't do optimization properly then your content can't be ranked. In that case, I can help you.

We provide quality SEO services as well as content writing services for your business. Thanks for reading.